Homescapes MOD v5.7.4 APK 2024 [Unlimited Stars]

File Name
Homescapes MOD
Compatible with
4.4 and up
141 Mb
MOD Features
Unlimited Stars
Updated on
Sep 27, 2023

The Homescapes MOD APK is a brilliant modified game developed a few days ago, including all the updated features and additional free MODs.


Android games are elucidating in nature. They keep enormous presents in a row in front of all the enthusiasts, including the top-notch graphics, convenient interface, puzzles, and much more amazing stuff. However, one of the significant concerns ahead of us is the hundreds of thousands of choices on the massive Google Play Store. Well, why are you taking the stress of that when we’re here choosing the best fruits for you, like Homescapes MOD APK.

If you’re a huge fan of Riddler and want to indulge yourself in a big puzzling world, never resist the Homescapes. There are literally so many puzzle choices in stores, but this game won’t only offer you brainstorming puzzles. Still, it will also deliver your incredible interior designs, never making you feel bored. You can choose your favorite internal stuff and put them all together to get a realistic view.

Homescapes MOD APK

Correspondingly, the Homescapes MOD APK is the modified version of the actual game, which includes many brilliant features that you can’t get on the official gaming interface. Moreover, we’ve listed both the official and MOD versions on the below links, so you can choose what suits you the best and start getting riddled with the Homescapes interface.

Homescapes MOD

Rebuild the house with all the new stuff completing puzzles

By getting through the above narrow view on the Homescapes game, you must have gained a simplistic glance at the game and must know the primary game genre. The game is officially built on the puzzle, simulation, and designing genre. Moreover, it’s also one of the top-ranked puzzle games of the Google Play Store, ranked by the official developers and gaming enthusiasts.

This game first delivers you a perfect house interface, where you would rather be supposed to unlock all the interior stuff and renovate it like a fantastic mansion. But suddenly, you’ll grasp that for renovating that home, and purchasing the vital elements, first, you need to get enough stars. Now Stars are the primary currency inside the game, and you can go through the below section to get them at a bit of struggle.

Play the match-3 color puzzle games within the interface

Puzzle, that’s the real struggle within the game. If you have enjoyed the Candy Crush gaming interface before, you must know about the match-3 puzzle games, where you’re supposed to match three or more same color balls to earn the coins and unlock the following levels. Similarly, you’re getting a ditto interface here, but with balls in place of candies.

The game would offer you various puzzle levels, and on completing each of them, you’ll get the subjective number of free stars. Afterward, you can employ these stars and purchase all your favorite renovation interior stuff from the marketplace, like Sofa, Fountains, Mirrors, Dining Tables, and many more. Moreover, if you’re getting it hard to earn stars, you can

Design the interior with all your favorite choices in different rooms

Interior designing is the first outlook of the Homescapes game, and that’s why the developers built the game. According to the company, they got hundreds of comments related to a game based on interior design. Soon, they thought of mixing the internal designing stuff with some puzzles or match-3 riddles, and consequently, we got the Homescapes.

You can play it on Android and iOS phones with a wide variety of interior designing stuff, including the Sofa Sets, Dining Tables, Fountains, and the rarest paints. Excluding that, you would also get different rooms and sections at that mansion, so that you would have to design everything, bedroom, bathroom, hall, living room, and the dining room properly. Finally, get started with your virtual designing skills!

Play this free altered game version to have an ultimate interior

The altered version, that’s what you want to make your eternal level of despair get changed into the interior heaven, the modification. Homescapes MOD APK is the prescribed version to simplify all your in-game struggles within the official Homescapes Android game by providing you with all the premium resources unlocked and accessible.

Besides, the modified version encloses the exact gaming interface, colors, and puzzles so that you won’t feel disgruntled on a single moment playing this modified game. Choose your favorite, play your best, and get designed with the entire interior of the Homescapes MOD APK right now!

Enjoy the game interface with never-ending stars and purchases

From this moment, you must have modified your mind from using the same official version to get access to the modified features, right? And currently, it’s time to intensify your thinking by offering you the complete portrayal of the two striking features you’ll get with the Homescapes MOD APK. While portraying them, the first thing we got in mind is the unlimited stars.

You’ll get free access to infinite stars within the Homescapes modified version, and that’s why this version stands out in the league. The game offers you this embarking feature only to make you eventually purchase any of your favorite interior designing stuff within the interface. Just choose your favorite ones, and stop thinking about the cost-effectiveness of these interior designs.

Why get puzzled in match-3 if everything got unlocked here?

Match-3 puzzle games within the Homescapes first sound damn convenient, as no one needs to do anything more than mixing three same colors. But consequently, after 20 levels of these puzzles, you would get more complicated match-3 riddles, which would later make you struggle for your favorite interior designs. And in my opinion, you’re about to bypass that struggle with the modified version!

The Homescapes MOD APK offers you an eternally unlocked game interface within the unlocked rooms, interior designing stuff, and, lastly, the stars. In simple words, you won’t need to play those puzzle games for getting rewards, as everything now got unlocked for upgrading your creativity in choosing the best designs for your virtual home. Time to indulge in the modified version and uninstall the official bulky one!


Is it possible to get free stars in Homescapes?

Yeah, it’s possible to get the free stars in the Homscapes Android game, but for doing that, you need to uninstall the game and install this featureful version, Homescapes MOD APK, from the above link.

How to unlock all interior designs at once in Homescapes?

Homescapes is the world’s best interior design comprised Android + iOS game, but you’ll feel rotten with the struggle it takes to unlock them. However, you can download the modified version from the above link and unlock everything eternally free.

Where to download Homescapes MOD APK?

You can download Homescapes MOD APK from the above-linked article to your Android phone and legally install it with the default installation procedure.

Is Homescapes MOD APK trusted?

Exactly, that’s what I was thinking to mark above! Homescapes MOD APK is a 100% trusted Android game, as we’ve installed it on differently specified phones, and it works damn initially on their interface. Just download it!

How to install Homescapes MOD APK on PC?

The game developers hadn’t created any .exe or executional Windows file to install this game on PCs. However, still, if you desperately want to play it on your PC, you can install a PC Emulator like Bluestacks and install it there.


Let’s end this with splendid feature enlightenment, the ad-free and bug-free game interface. Not just all the above story we’ve mentioned includes the real meaning of Homescapes MOD APK, but it also contains some additional privileges, rugged with its interface. It would be best to trust each of the data bits available on your smartphone, and hence the modified version offers you security-enhancing features.

The game linked below is a 100% bug-free creation by world-class developers to free you from stress. You can download it instantly to any of your Android phones and start getting out of riddling official game situations. Just hit the below link and download Homescapes MOD APK!

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