Dawn of Zombies MOD v2.180 APK 2024 [Free Craft]

File Name
Dawn of Zombies MOD
Package Name
Royal Ark
Compatible with
5.0 and up
2 GB
MOD Features
Free Craft
Updated on
Nov 19, 2022

Diving inside a Zombie gaming genre with the most adventurous game wouldn’t just be your dream after playing Dawn of Zombies MOD APK!


Assume for a moment that you’re stuck in a zombie apocalypse and all your friends around you became the human eaters and brain-dead that you saw in old movies and web series. Yeah, they’re the exact things and you’re required to survive this situation with your brain and crafting skills. Wait, why assume, when we can enjoy it virtually with Dawn of Zombies MOD APK?

I’m not damn sure how many zombie games you played before in your whole life but Dawn of Zombies is, in my opinion, the biggest and most adventurous one you can ever have installed on your phone. Well, I’m not comparing its size and adventures with the PC’s and Console’s Resident Evil series, but only while competing with the other Android games, Dawn of Zombies acquire a big shoulder above!

Dawn of Zombies MOD APK

It’s hard to be a little far from this game after experiencing all the adventures transported to your phone’s screen by Dawn of Zombies MOD APK. It’d restore your old Go Goa Gone, Resident Evil, and Wrong Turn memories with the 3D graphics and a puzzling game interface. Additionally, you’d also start enjoying the giant number of in-game add-ons as it includes tremendous adventurous game stages and resources.

Dawn of Zombies MOD

Play an adventurous zombie game with hundreds of missions

Within the Android zombie games, we always felt the same problem getting arise, “Lack of Adventure”. That was an absolutely correct statement and also shown as reviews on most of the zombie games once created for the Android smartphones on the Google Play Store. But no one worked on this gamer’s problem except our favorite developer brand, Royal Ark; Dawn of Zombies.

After playing it even for a single moment, you’d have a vibe saying that the developers have worked really hard on creating its complete protocol. The reason would always be the crafting side of the game. You won’t believe but they’ve created a complete zombie lifestyle within the game as you’d get more than one type of zombie there and the game got rated over 4.4-star by millions of android gamers.

Craft and Survive this apocalypse with random AI units

Missions are important, and yes they are way too important while playing a zombie game, but survival first requires an army. After watching movies like Zombietap and its second part, we finally knew that making fun in a zombie apocalypse is hard without a funny army, right? That’s where the Dawn of Zombies game included some of the best random AI units to help you physically as well as humorously.

The game includes an updating genre of gaming where they upgrade the interface to new weapons, crafting resources, buildings, and characters almost every new season. Consequently, you can purchase and friend up with the random AI units to get helped while fighting with dozens or even tons of zombies in front of your zone. Craft, Survive, and Rejoin teams for more fun!

Select among the best appearances, costumes, and weapons

As we declared above that the DOZ or Dawn of Zombies game is updating every season with new stuff, so together, there is a premium subscription plan of the game what they call battle pass. After having this pass, you can enjoy all the season rewards while acquiring it once at some charge and playing it hardly every season. It’d help you get access to the new costumes, avatars, and weapon skins.

Except that, you can also try the game version that we solely created for the zombie game lovers, Dawn of Zombies MOD APK. We’re dropping all the information about that convenient modification and all the privileges of switching to them from the official game module. Let’s modify the gaming vibes and upgrade surviving experience using the below modification.

Choose this modified version to gain unlimited advantages

If you want hundreds of features with zero downsides in an Android app, it’s hard to get much on the Google Play Store. The Play Store induces some most complicated terms and conditions that seem harder for getting all the privileges you’re deeming to acquire in your favorite games. Subsequently, you need the modified games like Dawn of Zombies MOD APK.

MOD APK directly advances you to the highest level of the Dawn of Zombies game as it creates a remix of your gaming skills and mighty privileges. You’d get here to some extent superior features like infinite crafting resources, a convenient feature menu, and a featureful game ROM. You just need to follow the installation procedure and install it on your phone at the very next moment from now!

Get everything unlocked with a Mod Menu to simplify things

Remember that wherever you’re getting Mod Menu with a modified game, that’d be the most responsible and convenient modification on the whole internet. Mod Menu helps you to scroll through all the features of the app effortlessly and manage all of them at the very same time.

The exact feature you get with Dawn of Zombies MOD APK. This modification would destroy all the effort-taking consequences and offers a handy app interface where anyone can instantly enable and disable any game feature they want or not at the moment. It wouldn’t just help you manage them, but would also provide you with their whole list with legible titles.

Craft freely and survive enormously with modified apocalypse

We know the Mod Menu, and now it’s the turn for the free crafting. As we all know that crafting is the only requirement to survive the Dawn of Zombies MOD APK and we all require lots of game coins for crafting resources. A modified version would also help you here with the infinite resources for free crafting.

Firstly, you don’t need to pay to craft your favorite weapons, buildings, tactics, skills, vehicles, and keys anymore. The app offers you infinite coins to arrange never-ending crafts as well as purchase all the resources you require while crafting. No need of wandering game zones to purchase and find resources as everything would get there free for you! Just download and install Dawn of Zombies MOD APK to your mobo!

Time to forget all those interrupting advertisements forever

Do you know what’s the most embarrassing game moment when dealing with the games that offer resources, adventures, and crafting all using the internet connection? Online advertisements! Yeah, you don’t need to get distressed about the in-app purchases as online advertisements would priorly disappoint you while using the official Dawn of Zombies.

Now if you’re a smart gamer and want to make your gaming more leisurely than the official version, scroll down and get the Dawn of Zombies MOD APK from there. We’ve listed the application package accordant to your Android smartphone where you will get infinite crafting in an ad-free app interface. Let’s use our god wishes to ask for something more beautiful!


Can Dawn of Zombies MOD APK work on Android 10?

Yeah, Dawn of Zombies MOD APK is a universal game version with all the latest updates and can work on any Android version above Android 5.0. Stop worrying and start rejoicing!

How to make free purchases in Dawn of Zombies MOD APK?

You don’t need to make the biggest procedures for doing free purchases with Dawn of Zombies MOD APK. Just enable the Free Crafting toggle on the Mod Menu of Dawn of Zombies MOD APK and start crafting without staking game coins.

Where to download Dawn of Zombies MOD APK?

It’s simple! You just need to scroll down, discover a Download button and click it. That’s all you need to do and the download process would get started.

Is root access required for playing Dawn of Zombies MOD APK?

Nope, most of the game modifications that we develop are created with root-free scripts so that you won’t need to gain any restricted, privileged, or root access on your device to download Dawn of Zombies MOD APK.

Can I enable the internet while playing Dawn of Zombies MOD APK?

Yeah, we care for your online gaming and as the Dawn of Zombies MOD APK includes lots of online resources, we created this app with the anti-ban scripts. You can surely use your official account and enable the internet connection to enjoy all gaming privileges with the online required resources.


The reason why people are becoming more creative and gutsy these days is the creation of the world’s best action, adventure, and puzzle games like the Dawn of Zombies MOD APK. Do you know what’s the best element people get with this modification? Every premium resource with free crafting at the eternally ad-free interface.

We don’t believe in just words, and that’s why we placed the Dawn of Zombies MOD APK below. Download it and enjoy each of the above-listed features on your own for having the complete belief in all our words personally!

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