MOD v2.21.2 APK 2024 [Reduced Zoom]

File Name MOD
Compatible with
5.0 and up
MOD Features
Reduced Zoom
Updated on
Sep 27, 2023

Have you played an amusing online multiplayer game, Time to upgrade it with the varsity of free in-app purchases, MOD APK!


Ever thought of being a planet? It sounds fun, right? In a hallucinated way, you would be required to eat all the other planets and become the largest one, even larger than Jupiter. However, it can become possible virtually for you with an Android game named MOD APK.

If you’re connected with the internet and playing online games from a large era, you must understand such gaming genre, where you’re required to eat the biggest rivals to add their dimensions to yours. Similar is the game. After playing this game, it will influence your inner strategic and sporty skills, and you would love so many psychological life skills. MOD APK

But do you know what’s more entertaining than that simple gaming interface of It’s the modified version, where you won’t just get the same gaming interface, map, rivals, and server but will also get all the premium stuff unlocked. Yeah, you can download MOD APK from this article and make a significant change in your gaming with the additionally offered feature within the game interface. Lastly, you would choose the best for you! MOD

Eat each ball and become the biggest in the expansion race

Think of life as a ball, or a planet, where others are bigger than you, and if you want to get on their level, you would have to either eat them all or struggle with your chores. The same phenomenon works with the world-class competitive Android game named This game provides you an open interface with more than 30 competitors globally contending you and simply eating you to get bigger than you.

It’s not just a game, but a competition, where you’re required to become more prominent than all by eating them all and enjoying the vastness. Are you ready to be big and consume everyone participating in this online Android game? If yes, download its modified version right now from the link below and enjoy complimentary access to most premium stuff within the game.

Play an undersized Android game with a social account

Being an undersized Android game or ending up in less than 60 megabytes of your local storage, the game offers you a worldly competition. After downloading this game from Google Play Store, our website, or any available online resource, you can join its surface with any social account like Google+ gaming or Facebook.

In that case, you can compete with world-class gamers and update your scores on the social leaderboards. Later, you can also message your friends to compete and make higher scores on the game leaderboard. Apart from that, you can also choose between the three reliable gaming modes as sectioned below.

Choose between three incredible gaming modes

No game is successful without having more than one gaming mode. Subsequently, the game contains three different modes for running in a big race. However, all these gaming modes would be ideally based on consuming other competitors and becoming bigger rapidly, but still, there are separate protocol and rule differences within distinct modes.

Firstly, you would have the classic mode. Inside the classic mode, you would get more than 100 online gamers fighting with each other to become the giant circle ever. Later, you would also have the Battle Royale mode, the same as the Pubg Mobile with the exact safe zone protocol, and lastly, the time rush mode to compete at the highest scores within the time completion.

Get the free premium skins with the modified version

Are you in love with those Agar skins but finding it complex to get them all on a segment without paying the real money? Believe it or not, it’s impossible to get them all with struggling inside the game for gold coins, as there are thousands of hackers present inside the game with the gigantic sizes to compete with you.

Now, if you don’t want to struggle and get them all free with a bit of magic, here, my friend, we’ve got a present for you – MOD APK. While inside the premium gaming world, you probably would know about the modification. So MOD APK is the modified version of the official game, including all the premium in-game purchases freely for you within so many additional features.

Get infinite DNA for not getting consumed till eternity

Suppose you’re the god of and got some privileges, including the bigger size at the initialization of the game, immortality for a few minutes, and many more such things. In that case, you would get highly entertained while playing this game. Consequently, the first pro feature available within the sophisticated gaming interface of is the infinite DNA.

Infinite DNA would accept your access to the unlimited premium legendary and mythical potions with the free revive for eternity. Moreover, the MOD APK won’t even ask you for a single penny, root access, or any such complexity. In my opinion, the last deal favors yours, so what’s your mood regarding that?

Play with massers and boosters using infinite coins

Most of you guys won’t accept this, but before providing you with the detail about this feature, let me tell you that no one can stop you from downloading MOD APK after hearing this. You won’t consider it, but the modified version is filled with the infinite coins with having those unlimited DNA points on the first hand.

Access to these never-ending coins would be way more worthwhile than the unlimited DNAs, as 5+ benefits are better than two usefulness. The infinite coins would purchase you the triple XP boosts, premium skins, 3x Mass boosts, Avatar enhancements, as well as most of the VIP features. Now you understand why I compelled you in the first paragraph?

The ad-free interface is finally clubbed for the enthusiasts

Becoming bigger, bigger, and damn bigger inside the, and suddenly what? Have you got an online advertisement from OctaFX or CoinDCX? It sucks when we’re playing our favorite online Android games, and the ads unexpectedly dive into our gaming screen, making it stuck on away.

If you don’t want to be stuck with the online ads and wanna play with all the premium features uninterruptedly, you need MOD APK. The altered version we’ve developed here contains a 100% ad-free interface, where you wouldn’t get a single banner or video advertisement while your journey of becoming more prominent in size.


How to unlock free skins on

If you want the free in-game ball skins with the exact servers and simultaneously don’t want to spend your money on them, download MOD APK from here. It’s a free modification with all privileges you dreamed of in your mind.

Is MOD APK a free game?

That’s my favorite thing and would be yours too! MOD APK is a 100% open-source Android game modification. It won’t ask you for a single penny transferring or root access on your device.

Where to get the MOD version of

It’s simple! You can click the above link if you want to get ahead of the rat race and need the modified version of MOD APK. Yeah, it’s that simple! Click and Download, nothing more.

How to Install MOD APK on an Android phone? MOD APK is a convenient Android game that can get installed on your phone without using any third-party installer. Just download the game on your phone and install it with the default installation procedure.


I knew that many of you would ask why MOD APK in place of’s official game. The answer is simple; to make premium things chargeless.


Interruptions, premium purchases, and the locked interface are some of the worst experiences with the official games. But the gamers who’re still feeling harsh with those experiences, there is a single thing you all need to know; the technology!

You can download MOD APK and many other modified games from our website freely and bypass those premium purchases conveniently. So now, you can choose between money for freedom or money with freedom!

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