GTA 5 APK + OBB v0.8.1 Download 2024 [Latest MOD]

File Name
Rockstar Games
Compatible with
7.0 and up
2.8 GB
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Port PC to Android
Updated on
Sep 27, 2023

Wanna enjoy GTA 5 on your Android phone? So don’t wait a single moment and download GTA 5 APK ASAP from the above link, including the free verification.

Children, adults, or aged guys, GTA games are a global sensation for anyone. Whenever Rockstar Games launch a new GTA game, the enthusiasts get super optimistic about all the new upcoming features. However, they’ve created beautiful open-world Android games, and right now, we’ve got the GTA V APK, developed for Android smartphones and certified official.

The Android games feature a massive level of simplicity, as after having a game installed on your phone, you can play it with the customizable controls, and you won’t need to pick a massive weight. All you need is your mere 100-200 gm smartphone in your pocket containing a gaming universe inside. Moreover, Smartphones are evolving these days with the newest innovations, where an amazing one we’ve here is GTA 5 APK.

It’s the modified version of GTA V developed only for Android users with completely enabled verification. In simple words, after downloading this game, you won’t need to wait for the Google Play Store verification, and you can merely install it to your phone with an eternally unlocked gaming interface. The same interface you dealt with on the console is what you’re getting here freely on your Android phone!


About GTA 5 Game?

GTA 5 is the fifth Grand Theft Auto season developed by Rockstar Games. Similar to all its last seasons, the GTA 5 is an open-world console game with all the nearly exact gaming resources.

You’re gonna get those cops, ambulances, weapons, missions, as well as the different characters here as well. Nevertheless, you would only feel regret for its costly verification.

If you never heard it before, GTA 5 is a premium console game, and consequently, you need to pay a verification cost for Android gaming too.


The open-world gaming interface allows you to enjoy a virtual world filled with the entire natural stuff. You would find vehicles, guns, ammo, armor, tankers, buildings, and missions within this game interface.

Lastly, the game will also make you play two different gaming modes, including single-player and multiplayer. You can enjoy the Career missions inside the Single Player gaming mode, and play with the online real gamers while revolving inside the multiplayer online gaming mode. In other words, it’s the barest thing that you would ever get bored with while playing GTA 5.

What is GTA 5 MOD APK?

Here we’ve got another beast for you, GTA 5 MOD APK! Now, the MOD APK simply implies that it’s the modified game version. So, the advancement within this game version is the unlocked verification. As we told above, you’re supposed to pay for the game verification, while playing GTA 5. Being a powerful modification, the MOD APK includes already verified subsidiaries.

You just need to download GTA 5 MOD APK from the below link and later you’re free to enjoy all the features and the privileged gaming interface available inside it. No need for a single or any recurring payment plan, with no online advertisements; get every below-listed privilege without paying a single penny to GTA servers using the modified game version.


Your wait is finally over, as, in this section here, we’re going to help you acknowledge all the features available inside the GTA 5 MOD APK, the modified version. Undoubtedly, it won’t offer you the very same feature as that of the official game, but will deliver some advanced privileges as listed below –

Open World interface

Firstly, we would cover the most common feature we get in every GTA game, the open-world interface. Having an open world is everyone’s first dream, as they want to have a different virtual world for killing their stresses and bad dreams virtually.

Currently, you can make your open-world gaming dream possible with the coolest graphics using the modified game version, i.e., GTA 5 MOD APK. This MOD version includes the same official open-world interface that you’ve enjoyed before within Play Station and X-Box consoles.

Enormous missions

All the old GTA games included the lowest number of missions and that’s what made those games less adventurous. But the thing is exceptionally different with the GTA 5 MOD APK. The fifth series includes an extensive number of missions for different characters.

After downloading this game, you would unlock three different gaming characters, Michael, Trevor, and Franklin. Moreover, all these three characters include different missions for each of them, like about 100 missions for each of the characters including different mission genres for each.

UHD Graphics

My first question would be how many GTA games have you played in your life till today? If that list doesn’t count GTA 5, then my friends you’re far away from the realistic open world. We have dealt with the GTA old games like San Andreas, Vice City, or even GTA 4, but GTA 5 is something different.

This game includes the 4K UHD in-game graphics. In simple words, after having this game on your phone, you would have a virtual universe different from your world, because of GTA 5’s natural gaming graphics.

Unlimited Money

The next thing in the series of privileges is unlimited money. Money can help you purchase the premium weapons, supercars, pub tickets, food, and much more in-game entertaining stuff, but you’ll get a lack of money with the official game.

Now if you want to have infinite money at the same gaming interface, you can try the modified game version, i.e., GTA 5 MOD APK. The MOD APK with premium benefits and unlimited money to purchase all the premium resources for absolutely free.

More Information on GTA V APK

Simulation gaming every year sets a new benchmark on their levels and breaks levels after levels by creating the new-gen advanced gameplays. If we dig deep into the Simulation gaming genre, we’ll find very well that Open-World games are the first choice of every single gamer. Even the statistics have proved this thing with the concurrent daily streamers on Twitch and Steam playing these games. Directly, we’re here for our new beast, GTA 5 APK.

But don’t take it seriously until I won’t mix the brand name Rockstar Games within this article. Everyone can relate to this as we all got aged with the collective vibes of the Rockstar Games. Every season, they create a new version of GTA aka Grand Theft Auto with new advancements, additional weapons, tactics, and more realistic game graphics. Tell me, wouldn’t you get goosebumps after knowing that you can play GTA 5 directly on your Android phone?

GTA 5 is the most sold game in the whole generation of Rockstar Games, and also it got rewarded several times by the global gaming communities. Accordingly, it took a lot of time to get developed for the PlayStations, Xbox, and PCs. We can now access the same GTA 5 with exaggerating features instantly at our fingertips. Don’t miss a moment and download this modified adventure, or you’d lose a most delightful feeling.

Play a globally famous open-world game by Rockstar Games

Rockstar Games are developing all the audacious open-world games in the PC and PlayStation world. It doesn’t count even if you were born in the late 2000s, 2010s, or even 2020s, you must have heard the name of Rockstar Games as they’re the ones winning each of the gamer’s hearts with the best open-world games. If we talk about their last creation, GTA 5 is one of their smoothest victories.

As per the perfect Statista’s statistics, Rockstar Games sold more than 140 million copies of GTA 5 between the 2013-2020 time period. Moreover, they also got an amazing hike in sales till May 2022, as the number of current total sales till now got to 165 million. We never saw any such game in our whole life, being adored for 9 consecutive years. Even if we talk about the current era, the monthly number of peak concurrent players is 153.69k who’re playing it every single moment.

Enjoy the amusing HD graphics with the exact PC interface

Take a mini while and think sharply about having such a fantastic game with such a huge number of concurrent gamers installed on your Android smartphone. Wouldn’t it be fun? Moreover, we’re offering you today a beta modded version of the app below that got compressed to eat less than 400 megabytes of your device’s internal storage and amaze you with the FHD realistic in-game graphics.

The reason for playing this game is its open-world interface. But it’d become more fantastic when you’d glimpse all the game characters and the complete interface with the same realistic graphics that people are playing on their PCs and PlayStation consoles. The exact graphics and app interface are what you’re getting with the same open-world vibes inside the GTA 5 APK.

Include an undying adventure in your overall gaming

Apart from the open-world gaming interface and all the amazing in-game tactics that thrill online gamers, GTA series games also include an undying adventure in form of tremendous missions. We start getting goosebumps from their very first amazing game GTA 5ice City, and consequently, the vibes started getting more influential with their new game versions.

If we talk individually about the GTA 5 game, it’s the exceptionally filled box of missions, as you get here three different in-game characters, all with different and interesting missions. It can be called the father of all other open-world games as it contains the perfect combination of missions and other open-world tactics such as weapons, vehicles, and in-game advancements such as a smartphone.

Download the free modification for unlimited everything

People play games not just for making their life more strategic and fun, but they also play that to simplify their life from other consequences. But while playing the official GTA 5 game on your smartphone, you’d get a lot of consequences such as ammo reloading, low ammo, and all such complexities that can get easily eliminated with some scripts and modifications.

We did the same for you and created this GTA 5 APK for Android smartphones. This Mod version would be responsible to profer you superb convenience with some exaggerating features such as infinite ammo, no reload, and all the unlocked gaming characters.

The bullets that would never get finished from your guns

While using GTA 5, we get an opportunity to use cheat codes and make things like escaping the police, getting armor, gaining health, and using the most powerful in-game weapons. But typing a cheat code every time for filling gun ammo and getting new guns wouldn’t feel that effective if you’re currently fighting with a huge army of police or gangsters. What you need are the never-ending bullets.

That’s where you’ll remember the name of a free modified version, called GTA 5 APK. This MOD APK contains bullet magic that’d become responsible to comprise your gaming with the unlimited ammo and all the guns already unlocked. You won’t need to complete missions after missions as you’d get access to all these things damn earlier with GTA 5 APK.

All three Avatars unlocked at the precise adventure zone

Getting sharply on the gameplay, let me tell you that you’re about to have a glance at three different gaming Avatars, including Michael, Trevor, and Franklin. The complete story of all these characters is interlinked and you’d meet each of them in the other’s story at some interval. The exact thing that Rockstar Games showed us in GTA IV is available in GTA 5.

As an advantageous moment, you’ll get all the already unlocked game avatars within the GTA 5 APK. This privilege will help you in getting more entertained by the already unlocked adventures and enjoy the convenience of an open world of missions. I don’t think this privilege will stop you even a little bit before downloading GTA 5 APK; go on!

Get amazed by an open world of happiness with a Beta Mod

Always remember, if there is an open world, there’d be more consequences within the game missions and complexities while completing the adventurous game missions. But as you’re about to acquire the modification, it won’t let you cry for a moment. We’re offering you a beta Mod version of GTA 5, including all the above benefits in realism.

This beta Mod would help you get everything simplistically, mostly while grabbing the lesser partition of your storage. So let’s explore a crazier open world with the most adventurous missions, exceptional weapons, smart vehicles, and a massive list of cheat codes. Just hit the below link and download a most genteel GTA 5 version.


Can I download GTA 5 APK for iOS phones?

It’s hard to say but you can’t download and install GTA 5 APK on your iOS phones as this game is technically produced for android phones. iPhones are security-rich phones, and consequently, they never approve users to install modified apps. So except that, you can enjoy this game on your Android phone!

Is it possible to install GTA 5 APK without verification?

Yeah, most smartphones wouldn’t require you to tweak with the Google Play Protection and let you install GTA 5 APK to your device most simplistically. But still, if you’re getting an error, you can simply get to Google Play Store>Play Protect>Settings and disable the Google Play Protect to scan your apps next time.

Is GTA 5 APK legit?

Yeah, GTA 5 APK is extremely legit as it includes the absolutely same gaming interface and was also developed by the official developers. Besides, we just rejoined simple script files in this modified version to make you enjoy the game more influentially and get zero annoyance within the interface.

Can I use cheat codes in GTA 5 APK?

Yeah, GTA games are priorly known for the cheat codes thing, and that’s where the actual thing happens. You can use over 50 magical cheat codes in the mobile version to make acquiring guns and vehicles more in just a few clicks of a smartphone. Get ready for it!

Why GTA 5 APK isn’t there on Google Play Store?

Not just GTA 5, but there isn’t a single modified game or app available on the Google Play Store, and the reason behind there is simple; Terms and Conditions violation. Modified games provide you with some additional features on the precise game interface and features, called violations according to Google’s terms.


Lastly, before saying goodbye, we want to let you know that the below listed modified game, GTA 5 MOD APK is a 100% legit modification, so that you can download and install it on any Android phone, without paying for the verification.

GTA 5 APK will also help you with the infinite ammo, unlocked characters, and ultimate beta MOD features to make your open-world gaming more prestigious.

It’s so-called heaven for the Android gamers, as when they required GTA 5 the most on their Smartphones, GTA 5 APK is the only version compatible with all Android phones. Cheers for this excellent Mod!

Moreover, it’s an ad-free creation, which merely includes everything listed above with no online video or banner screen advertisements. Enjoy it with fun!

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