Jewels Legend MOD v2.60.1 APK 2024 [Unlimited Boosters]

File Name
Jewels Legend MOD
LinkDesks - Jewel Games Star
Compatible with
4.4 and up
48 MB
MOD Features
Unlimited Boosters
Updated on
Nov 19, 2022

Looking for a fun and challenging puzzle game? Look no further than Jewels Legend MOD! This game features hundreds of levels to keep you entertained for hours on end. Plus, with the Unlimited Boosters and Infinite Coins features, you can get through the levels even faster!


Android Games release the most favorable, entertaining, and motivational hormone in the human body which we call Dopamine.

This dopamine can be damn helpful as well as a little weird at the same time, and that’s why we mostly suggest our gamers play games that can benefit them.

Today we’re here with one such Android puzzle-based game Jewels Legend MOD APK.

Match-3 puzzle games like King’s most amazing series Candy Crush doesn’t just release this dopamine hormone in human but also unlocks the enhanced capacity of brainly thinking.

Jewels Legend MOD APK

Moreover, these games offer you a unique kind of thrill when you find the three or more same colors to match and blast for forming a master resource. Jewels Legend would also hit you exactly the same!

This game delivers the jewel match-3 experience to make you match three or more jewels and clear all the obstacles to complete in-game levels.

Jewels Legend MOD

Jewel Stars MOD APK won’t let you feel a tiny bored with its in-game consequences. The gamer techies feeling even bored with the King’s Candy Crush can get a boost-up syringe of adrenaline while taking a sip of this game. What’s your plan gamer?

Get advanced to a brilliant match-3 animated puzzle world

Every time, when we created a new vibe for our gamer enthusiasts what we called modified versions, we never disappointed them with the title. Today, we’re having the title Jewel Star which would appoint till the infinity with its level upgrades, difficulty modification, and jargon number of online events with the leader boards.

There is the least number of gamers who didn’t get thrilled by outcoming the game leader boards, and you’re 100% not one of them. The gamer like you would eternally love the gaming effect on leadership and the advanced match-3 animated puzzle world would lay a thrill on your mind every single level. Stop getting bored with the same Candy Crush and give it a try to the Jewel stars for a new jewel experience.

Play with the colorful jewels and adventure on multiple levels

The primary reason why people got literally affected by the Candy Crush game was the multi-colored candies and uniquely designed boosters. The actual thrill is in the variety and Jewels Legend also provides you with a series of colorful jewels and boosters to make your gaming easier. On every level completion, you’d also get affected by the winning animation effects of the game.

Additionally, the adventure also won’t end while playing the Jewels Legend game as it already includes thousands of game levels. Recently, the developers mentioned a quote that they still are working hard to get you the most adventurous and coolest game levels. That’s far more important than leadership and event and it’d undoubtedly make you fall in love with the Jewels Legend.

Enjoy the newest events with infinity planetary designing

Boring is the word one can never feel or state while playing the Jewels Legend game as no one can ever get bored playing it. Do you think you’d get bored with the game levels? But here is one more thing that’d again make you hell affected to the game and we call them the in-game events; Online events.

Basically, these events are based on earning the game money to unlock the privileges like boosters, next levels, and gigantic effects or gaming walls. Lastly, these events are damn crispy that they won’t let you get a little away from them, not even for a single second. These events include leaderboards too, for making you attached to the game until you’d break the high scores created by enthusiasts.

Modify your gaming with a plethora of in-game benefits

We said modify your gaming, but you deep understood that we’re about to help you modify it utilizing the Jewels Legend MOD APK. Don’t ask what is it, coz we don’t want to make our words more enlarged about something. Jewels Legend MOD APK is a real legend modification ever developed for a puzzle game, and we’re using these astounding words only because of all the superb advantages available inside it.

Either if it’s a gaming event, hard game level, easy game level, or the most challenging boss kind of game level, Jewels Legend would power your skills for getting ahead on them. It’d let you use the never-ending boosters on any level as it contains both the boosters and game levels already accessible. And don’t forget, there are infinite lives for you to play the game endlessly.

Grasp all the boosters unlocked to clear tough obstacles

Boosters help you complete the most challenging game levels instantly as swiping the jewels and matching colors doesn’t feel easier most of the time. People get stuck in the hardest game levels and these boosters help with creating blasts between jewels and vanishing most of the sticky jewels from the way for making the largest number of combinations among jewel colors.

Well, these jewel boosters actually cost a lot of diamonds and in-game funds, but as the Jewel Legends MOD APK offers you infinite in-game money, you can buy an unlimited number of boosters for free. No need of putting money through UPI, Net Banking, or even crypto, just download this mightiest version from the below link and start enjoying all we told above for free.

Spend plenty of time on gaming with infinite game lives

Gaming till the time we want is the first requirement of our soul. Furthermore, while playing a game like the Jewels Legend, this vibe gets more influential level by level. Suppose your lives got to end at a level and you still want to play it in the official game version. In that case, you can only purchase the game hearts or so-called lives from the game store or change your phone’s time.

Why be that complex or spending efforts when you’re capable of getting free lives from Santa? In terms of Santa, we’re having the Jewels Legend MOD APK for you including the unlimited number of game lives. You won’t find gaming empty anymore as this game wouldn’t let you be away from this game, not even for a single millisecond.

No need for unlocking the in-game levels with jewels

My holy life got wholly ended while playing the last Candy Crush puzzle game as it included more than 1000 game levels. I don’t want to give the same time to the Jewels Stars as didn’t get another life btw. Don’t worry, as this thing won’t happen to you because the modified version of Jewels Legend includes all the gaming levels already unlocked on the same game interface and module.

Fundamentally, you’d find that the game is distributed among different game-level themes and fortunately, all the themes are unlocked inside the modified version. Again, there are more than a thousand game levels inside the Jewels Legend official game. So don’t risk your next time playing this game for getting there as you can also start with the last level for a thrill with the Jewels Legend MOD APK.


Is Jewels Legend MOD APK available for iOS?

Jewels Legend MOD APK is an APK version which means that it’s an android package and you can’t install it on an iOS smartphone. Sorry for that, but iOS’s security won’t let you play any modified game on there, not even this coolest Mod.

Where to get Jewels Legend MOD APK for PC?

Well, iOS isn’t available, and neither is there a .exe version developed for a PC of Jewels Legend MOD APK. Still, there is a procedure you can take for playing this game on your PC. If you’re a PC gamer, you can download and install an Android emulator like BlueStacks to install this game there and play it conveniently using your mouse and keyboard.

Can I get unlimited boosters in Jewels Legend?

Enhancing the number of boosters isn’t possible with the official Jewels Legend that you downloaded from the Google Play Store. But conversely, the Jewels Legend MOD APK lets you have the never-ending money to buy unlimited boosters for free and you can download it right here.

Is it possible or legit to use Jewels Legend MOD APK?

No doubt, you can play the Jewels Legend MOD APK without any fear of getting banned from somewhere. It’s a legit android game and the modifier tools just have created it additionally feature-rich to make your gaming easier and funkier. So don’t worry and download Jewels Legend MOD APK.

Can I connect my social account to Jewels Legend MOD APK?

Jewels Legend also allows you to share leaderboard scores and the boss beating on the leaderboard on Facebook. And yes, you can connect your social account with the Jewels Legend MOD APK to share your highest scores created with the free boosters. Time to astound friends!

Final Thoughts

Be a legend of the puzzle and play with the jewels like a professional because you’re getting free access to the magical version of Jewels Legend MOD APK. This modified version lets you play with the complete number of features we mentioned above and you won’t need to get any root access or play with phone settings.

Download it, install it generally, and play till the end of the game. Never forget that we’d be here if you get any queries with the installation, downloading, or game feature. Just comment your query below and get the resolution super quick. Meet you again!

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