Free Netflix Accounts: Jun 14, 2024 [Daily 30+ Accounts] (100% Working)

Are you looking for a Free Netflix account? If yes, then today in this article, I will give you a 60+ Netflix account that too for free. And all these accounts are 100% working, you have to log in with email and password. Apart from this, I will also share some tips and tricks through which you can easily create a Netflix account for free.

Recently, we published an article in which I told you about Netflix Cookies, but users were commenting that they are not able to use Netflix due to lack of PC or laptop. So, taking your feedback, in this article we will give you a Free Netflix Account with Email Id and Password.

What Is Free Netflix Account?

Netflix provides the world’s best video streaming service. This service is available for Android, iOS, and Windows. Using this service, you enjoy the world’s best award-winning TV shows, movies, documentaries, web series and more. The best thing about this app is that there is absolutely no advertisement in it. You enjoy enjoying your favorite shows without any interruption.

Many people use this service to watch web series. You will get to see new content in this app on a daily basis. The only thing you need is a good internet connection to stream media online and you are good to go. This service is paid, due to which people are not able to enjoy this great app. But you do not need to be sad, we will provide you Netflix premium account for free on this website every day.

Netflix Pricing & Plan Details

As I told you, Netflix is ​​a paid video streaming platform in which you can enjoy unlimited movies and TV shows. But before using Netflix, you need to know the pricing and plan of this service.

Netflix comes with four membership plans, you can subscribe to any of these four plans, whichever you like better, we have told these four plans in detail, so please read the complete article for more information.

Mobile$ 2.501SD
Basic$ 91SD
Standard$ 132HD
Premium$ 164Ultra HD

Let’s know about each plan in detail –

1.) Mobile Plan

This plan is only for mobile users. In this plan, you will get the standard video quality and you will not be able to see on the PC or Laptop in this plan. And there is only one screen available.

2.) Basic Plan

This plan is similar to Mobile Plan, the only difference in the Basic Plan is that you can enjoy Netflix on your Laptop and T.V. With a basic plan you can watch on your mobile phone and tablet. Also, only one screen is supported in this plan as well.

3.) Standard Plan

On the standard plan, you can use Netflix on Two Screens at the same time and enjoy stream movies in HD Quality that’s the only addition you are getting in comparison to Mobile and Basic Plan.

4.) Premium Plan

This plan supports 4 Screens, and you can enjoy streaming movies in Ultra HD Quality. With this plan, you can run Netflix on PC, Laptop and T.V.

Note: Whatever plan we have discussed above, this can be changed according to different countries.

Free Netflix Account 2024

Now that we have discussed the plan and the pricing let’s move towards our main topic that is how to get Netflix Account for free of cost. So, below I have shown you various methods by which you can easily get a working Netflix Account for free.

With the help of these methods, it’s my guarantee you will be able to grab a Free Netflix Account for free. Just follow all the steps in the right way and you are good to go.

1.) Free Trial Period

2.) Sharing Of Netflix Account

3.) Using Netflix Cookies

4.) Free Netflix Account for Airtel Users

5.) Using Virtual Cards

6.) Free Netflix Accounts By Promo Code

7.) Share Netflix Accounts

8.) Free Netflix Accounts By Giveaway

Free Netflix Account with Email & Password

There are many people who do not buy such expensive plans, we are providing those people Netflix for free. But there is a problem with this too. It is not possible to give so many accounts to all.

We will regularly give you 20 to 30 accounts, out of which the first person who logs in will get Netflix. But those who have not been able to take it, do not need to be sad, just keep visiting this website every day and if you will be lucky, you will get an account, just keep trying.

Today's Netflix Accounts! Grab It Fast 🙂

So these are all accounts, you should log in to them quickly by “Username” and “Password”. And the people who did not get an account, do not be unhappy, we will give 8 accounts every day at morning 9 o’clock (Indian Timing), so even those who want please come at the given time and grab a Free Netflix Account for Free.

Netflix Accounts Updated On
Jun 14, 2024
One more thing above this I have shown you the various methods which will help you to a Premium Netflix Account. So, if you are a core Netflix lover then do try the above steps.

People Also Ask

What is the Netflix premium account?

Like I told you. Netflix is a video streaming platform, because of this service, you enjoy unlimited movies, TV shows, web series. But to use this service you have to buy a premium subscription account only then you will be able to use Netflix.

How to get Netflix Free Trial?

This is a Netflix offer in which you will get Netflix for a month for free. And during this trial period, you will not have to pay any money. And once the free trial ends and then you will have to pay money, if you want to continue Netflix further.

How to create a Netflix account for free?

You can get a 1-month free trial offer of Netflix. In which you will be able to take advantage of all the features of Netflix for 1 month. In this trial period, you don’t have to spend any money in your pocket. Now in the above article, I have shown you step by step process on how to create a free trial account so make sure to check that out.

How can I get a free Netflix account without a credit card?

If you don’t own a Credit Card and you are looking to create a free Netflix account then, you can use the Amazon Gift Card and use it while creating the account. You can also use Virtual Debit card in order to create an account without a credit card.

How To access Netflix account without username & Password?

In the first paragraph of this article, I have shared a link for Free Netflix Cookies. With the help of the cookies, you can easily use Netflix without username and password. And the best part is with the help of cookies more number of people can access Netflix. Whenever we give the account user change the password so less number of people get the accounts. But by using Netflix cookies you can easily access Netflix account without using id and password.

Do I have to pay any money for using these accounts?

No, you do not have to pay any amount for using these accounts. But when the subscription overs and if you wish to continue using Netflix then only you will have to pay. Otherwise, you can get new accounts from our website.

What are Free Netflix accounts features?

This account will include all premium plan features like 4 Screen Support, Ultra HD Quality and you can use this account on PC as well as a laptop. For more information about the plan, you can read from the above article.

Can a Netflix account be shared?

Yes, you can share this account with your friends and family. As I said the account we are giving is a premium plan, in this you get multiple screen access. So, you can use this feature to share the screens.


So this was the complete guide on how to create a Netflix account for free and we have also shared a lot of Free Netflix Accounts for you. I hope you liked this article, if you like it, then do share this piece of content with your friends and family so that they too get the fun of Netflix Premium. If you have any kind of question or suggestion, please tell us in the comments.

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