Angry Birds Dream Blast MOD v1.45.4 APK 2024 [Unlimited Coins]

File Name
Angry Birds Dream Blast MOD
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Rovio Entertainment Corporation
Compatible with
5.0 and up
151 MB
MOD Features
Unlimited Coins
Updated on
Nov 19, 2022

Got annoyed by slingshot those Angry Birds, and wanna do something innovative with them? Try Angry Birds Dream Blast MOD APK with new puzzles!


Rovio is one of the most pleasant Android game developer brands, as they have made most of our old days with those Angry Birds RIO and all the other Angry Birds versions. They are the ones who let those Angry Birds get to space with all the enemy piggies and created the game Angry Birds Space. It doesn’t end here, as Rovio has created a puzzle game with a sudden change in the interface from attacking to the matching puzzle with Angry Birds Dream Blast MOD APK!

If you’re using an Android phone for the last few years or the last decade, it’s merely improbable that you didn’t go through the fascinating puzzle game named Candy Crush Saga. Yeah, I’m talking about that King’s incredible puzzle game, and right now, you’re going to watch the relatively same interface with your favorite Angry Birds inside the Angry Birds Dream Blast.

Angry Birds Dream Blast MOD APK

This Rovio’s Dream Blast version includes the most extensive number of puzzle levels, where you won’t even need to swipe candies. You would get some balls inside the game, and you need to pop the ones surrounded with the same colors. The larger number of balls you pop, the more effective angry bird booster you would get to complete your missions efficiently. Later, you can also try the Angry Birds Dream Blast MOD APK for extra fun!

Angry Birds Dream Blast MOD

Play the newest interface of the same angry birds game you vibed

Can you even dream Candy Crush gets clubbed with Angry Birds? It’s complex and amusing simultaneously as both are revolutionary series for Android smartphones, including billions of downloads with 4+ star user ratings. But finally, we’re about to make this dream possible by revealing the Angry Birds Dream Blast. Even the game includes the name Dream inside the complete phrase.

Angry Birds Dream Blast is one of Rovio’s creations. But this time, you’re about to glimpse the color matching puzzles within the game interface. You’ll get those same birds, like the Red, Chucky, Bomb, Blues, and Mighty Eagle, but with a different gaming interface. It’s a match-3 puzzle, where you won’t require to swap the bubbles but pop the ones surrounded by similar colored friends. Are you ready for this?

The new adventurous puzzle game with some unexplored birds

A new adventure starts with the new in-game levels. Candy Crush Saga is absolutely everyone’s favorite and the most addictive candy matching puzzle game. But after getting through the Angry Birds Dream Blast MOD APK, you would somehow forget it. If you don’t believe me, let me tell you about some new stuff you’re about to get within the game interface.

In the partition of those Candy Crush Boosters, you’re getting your favorite Angry Birds here within the Angry Birds Dream Blast. On every bubble popping: the larger mixture you would create, the more assertive Angry Bird you would get for blasting the entire bubbles consequently. You can get these power-up birds by struggling inside the game interface, paying real money, or downloading Angry Birds Dream Blast MOD APK.

Play the match-3 adventurous levels without using the internet

The last privilege offered hastily by the Angry Birds Dream Blast game is the no requirement of internet access. If you’re playing the other puzzle Android games with real gamers, you need a working internet connection, but Dream Blast is an AI-based game, and consequently, it won’t need an internet connection at all.

You just need to download it from Google Play Store or the embarking version from the link below, install it on your phone, and enjoy all the privileges offered within the Angry Birds Dream Blast without turning on your internet connection. Get ready to watch the bloody balls and pop them with the mightiest Angry Birds.

Don’t forget to try the free modified game version listed below

Android games are fun, but wasting time on their struggling phase is the biggest mistake of every enthusiastic gamer. If you are an enthusiast, you can’t wait to enjoy the premium superpowers of the game, so why are you struggling and waiting for that? Try the modified game version, Angry Birds Dream Blast MOD APK.

It’s the MOD APK or the script-rich game version. It includes hundreds of privileged scripts to make you capable of enjoying the mightiest Angry Bird power-ups in the most challenging game levels without using real money or struggling at the same level for eternity. Challenges would still be there, but currently, you would have some resources to fight them.

Download and install the modified game version superficially

Downloading the modified game version and uninstalling the official version would first sound a little tricky if you haven’t used any modified game before, but it’s not that complex. All you need here is to run the default installation procedure, and later, you will become capable of using the privileges of the premium modified version on your device.

Just hit the below download link, download Angry Birds Dream Blast MOD APK, locate it inside the File Manager of your Smartphone and click it to install this version ASAP. That’s all you need to get access to the unlimited boosters and infinite money of the free modified MOD version on your own Android Smartphone.

Time to play with the never-ending boosters with no internet

The only and most adorable feature of the modified game’s interface is the infinite coins. Officially, you’re required to work hard on the hard and super-hard game levels to earn these coins in a large number, and consequently, you need to put them all just to get a few powerful booster Angry Birds.

If you’ve got annoyed by this daily struggle and want that all for free, you can try the Angry Birds Dream Blast MOD APK. This modified version offers you infinite coins, where later, you can purchase those boosters for free and put them on the complex game levels to make them all superficially. Just stop getting scared of the challenging game levels and try the MOD version to bypass them with a single click.


Is Angry Birds Dream Blast MOD APK the same official game?

Every modified game version we ever delivered includes the exact interface as the official one. Likewise, you’ll get the same universal gaming interface inside the Angry Birds Dream Blast MOD APK that you enjoyed before in the official game version.

How to get the free boosters in the Angry Birds Dream Blast game?

Getting free boosters isn’t that hard these days, but what’s hard is to break the addiction! You can get the infinite free boosters for the Dream Blast version with its modified game version named Angry Birds Dream Blast MOD APK.

How to hack Angry Birds Dream Blast?

If you want to hack the Angry Birds Dream Blast to get the free coins and boosters with the same game interface, you can try its modified version listed above, Angry Birds Dream Blast MOD APK. You won’t need to struggle to hack, as everything is already developed and fixed within this version.

Does Angry Birds Dream Blast MOD APK contain any kind of bugs?

Not at all! Angry Birds Dream Blast MOD APK is a secure game version that includes no bugs and viruses within the game interface. You can download and install it anytime on your phone and play with premium privileges and no interrupting bugs.

How to Install Angry Birds Dream Blast MOD APK on iPhone?

Feeling unfortunate at this moment, as the Angry Birds Dream Blast MOD APK is yet only developed for Android Smartphones, and you can’t use it inside your iPhone. But don’t worry, as whenever we would have an iOS version, we would update it on the same website.

Final Words

Finally, Angry Birds Dream Blast MOD APK is out now with the free download link listed below. You can hit that link right now, and get the ad-free gaming interface within the free infinite coins. In simple words, you are not just getting endless purchases but also accessing the interruption-free gaming interface.

We won’t disappoint you even a little bit, as the Angry Birds Dream Blast MOD APK is the most convenient modification which won’t require you to install any third-party app or root your phone to enjoy any of its features. Download, hit, install, and enjoy the privileged interface!

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