Sonic Dash MOD v5.8.0 APK 2024 [Unlimited Money]

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Sonic Dash MOD
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4.4 and up
127 MB
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Unlimited Money
Updated on
Nov 19, 2022

Are you a binge Sega gamer and love their Sonic series more than any virtual game? If that’s true, don’t forget to try the Sonic Dash MOD APK!


There is literally no other better curation for anxiety than Android games. While surfing through the Google Play Store, you will get awesome Android games available there.

But the only problem we all face is to choose the most fantastic game among the collection of millions. This time you won’t need to get stressed about that as we are here with an amazing Android game that you played in your childhood and ready to cure your anxiety at the exact age, the Sonic Dash MOD APK.

We all have played the Sonic games from our childhood, and at the first point, we had a Sega Megadrive, later a PC, and right now an Android smartphone.

Sonic Dash MOD APK

The technology is advancing, and thus, the Sonic Game series involves the newest benefits that you haven’t probably amazed by last time. Time to board on all the privileges and demands of the new Sonic Games Sonic Dash.

Sonic Dash is nothing but a simplistic Sonic creation for Android smartphones. The same experience you had on your Sega Mega Drive and PC would be there on your Android smartphone, but a few additional benefits.

Sonic Dash MOD

Moreover, if you are a hasty gamer and want to quickly enjoy everything inside the game, you can get started with the Sonic Dash MOD APK.

Time to play an endless running game on your smartphone

I know what you all have gone through from the recent few years of Android gaming. You must have enjoyed that Subway Surfers, Temple Run, and Jetpack Joyride with an endless running game genre. But have you ever tried the Sonic Dash? Probably didn’t yet? Sonic Dash falls in the same gaming genre, what you have enjoyed inside the Subway Surfers and Temple run, but with the fun of your childhood.

Android running games are fun, and simultaneously, while enjoying the Sonic Dash, you would feel enormous innovations. It’s a free SEGA Android game, downloaded by over 500 million SEGA lover enthusiasts, and has more than ten broad objectives. Firstly, it delivers the Sonic family within the game, running abilities to upgrade, and most priorly, the advanced animations.

Choose from the list of Sonic and its entire family

Extracting the very first broad objective of the Sonic Dash, or simply the Sonic Family here. If you’re an old Sonic lover and enjoyed all their games, within streaming the incredible movies and web series, you must know each Sonic Family member. The first preferred character series within the game interface would be Sonic bootups.

You’ll get six different types of Sonic within the game, all with separate superpowers, including the Super Sonic, Hyper Sonic, Excalibur Sonic, Sonic the Werehog, and two other characters. Later, you would also meet with the Sonic family, comprising Tails, Shadow, and Knuckles. Just choose your desired Sonic character and race like a professional.

Select the fastest speed with the most amusing graphics

Apart from the characters, what’s the best thing you missed inside the old Sonic versions? Most probably, it would be the amusing graphics. Graphics were the opposing point of the Sonic game series, but here inside the Sonic Dash, you will get the most incredible animated graphics.

You will lose yourself inside the graphics of the Sonic game this time. You undoubtedly love all these Sonic characters, and within these graphics, you won’t ever think of losing them for a single second. Moreover, after the graphics, you get the audio, tunes, SFX, and background music collection within the game. Time to get attached the first time to a running game forever!

Try the free modified game version for advanced running

Have you got in trouble while playing Sonic Dash with any in-app purchase, character unlocking struggle, or ability upgrading struggle? If that’s the case, then it’s time to take a chance of downloading the modified game version called Sonic Dash MOD APK. Exactly, it’s the free modified or altered version of the game developed to make your rock within the interface.

If you love the running game genre and have always wondered about creating a high score on your game leaderboards, make that dream attainable with our Sonic Dash MOD APK. Achieve all your goals with the superpowers presented inside the modified version. It’ll offer you all those stuff you got premium on the official version for exceptionally free. So what’re you waiting for? Board on this game and start enjoying it!

Beat all the bosses simplistically with unlocked stars

As we told you above, Sonic Dash MOD APK is an exact game season as all the oldest Sonic games you’ve played on your Sega Mega Drive console and PCs also offer you the Boss levels. The only problem we all faced in the Subway Surfers, Temple Run, and all those running genre games was the lack of adventure. Those games didn’t consist of any boss level.

But don’t worry, if you’re a real adventurer and finding a fitting game to your thoughts, as the Sonic Dash MOD APK will help you here. You will get the infinite Sonic coins to unlock your favorite in-game character and play with their superpowers to defeat bosses in moments. DASH, DASH, DASH, it’s time to dash the gaming universe with Sonic Dash MOD APK.

Upgrade all the abilities to their maximum using the MOD

The in-game Sonic coins won’t only provide you the unlocked characters but will also deliver you the eternally free ability upgrades. The Sonic Dash game includes character abilities for all the in-game Avatars, including speed, power, ball, weapons, and vehicles. You can upgrade all these abilities to maximum after installing the Sonic Dash MOD APK on your Android device.

It doesn’t end here! Apart from the initial upgrades, you can also purchase some incredible boosters to get help within the boss levels and all the game’s most challenging levels. These boosters include the Spring bonus, Enemy Combo, Ring Streak, Find Score Bonus, and Golden Badnik. Purchase all these boosters in an infinite amount and start your running journey like a pro!


Is Sonic Dash MOD APK an iOS game?

Definitely Not! The Sonic Dash MOD APK game is perpetually developed while keeping the Android OS at the mainframe, and that’s why it can’t work on iOS phones. Always download and install it only on Android phones.

Where to download Sonic Dash MOD APK?

It won’t be lavish to reply to this question: anywhere on the internet, as big online websites are proffering the bug-rich game version at some cost. Please download it from here above link and get everything world-class with all the promised versions.

Will I get the entire Sonic Family unlocked inside Sonic Dash MOD APK?

That was what I supposed you’d ask, as the Sonic Dash game is nothing without the unlocked characters. So the answer is a big YES! You’re going to get all your favorite Sonic family characters unlocked within the game for free.

Why choose Sonic Dash MOD APK in place of official Sonic Dash?

If you’re a struggle lover and want to spend half of your gaming time struggling, you can choose the official version and play it forever. But if you’re an enthusiast, love magic, don’t want to work within the levels, and want to get everything unlocked, try Sonic Dash MOD APK.

How to get free coins in Sonic Dash?

Sonic Dash is undoubtedly the most spellbinding creation by the Sega games. Still, we need to struggle to earn coins inside and purchase stuff. Elsewhere, you can try downloading above the Sonic Dash MOD APK and get all those coins free.


Let’s finally end this! All the privileges listed above in the reference of Sonic Dash MOD APK are 100% quite authentic and will come to you without paying money to any game server. You’ll get the premium in-app purchases, ability upgrades, character unlocked, and almost everything with the modified game version.

Additionally, the game also features a bug and virus-free interface. Anyone with an Android Lollypop or above version can download it on their phone and play it without a single lag issue. Finally, it’s time to get out of the Subway Surfer and all those old patchy Android running genre games and start being addicted to our old friends Sonic on our phone.

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