Head Ball 2 MOD v1.400 APK 2024 [Menu/Unlimited Money]

File Name
Head Ball 2 MOD
Masomo Gaming
Compatible with
4.4 and up
140 MB
MOD Features
Menu/Unlimited Money
Updated on
Sep 27, 2023

Head Ball 2 MOD APK is the free modified version for the official Head Ball game, created with unlocked characters and infinite money.


Sports have their own tremendous benefits that almost everyone is bypassing these days. No one is giving their time to sports and enhancing their immunity, where they are deeply indulged inside Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Living a social life is vital but not as important as your body shape and immunity. However, we’re here today with an amazing virtual sports game, Head Ball 2 MOD APK.

You must have made baskets in your old days with basketball, goals with your footballs, and took wickets with your cricket ball, but did you ever hear of a head ball? It sounds like fun, right, but scary at the same time because it can affect your head and cause serious injuries. However, you won’t be required to think that way, as Head Ball 2 game will help you enjoy that experience virtually.

Head Ball 2 MOD APK

Head Ball 2 MOD APK is the modified version of this virtual head ball gaming experience that we’ve recently developed for all those enthusiasts stuck in the game to unlock their favorite characters, in-game maps, and all the important premium gaming stuff. Now, it’s your time to relish the real happiness with a rare head ball experience.

Head Ball 2 MOD

Wanna change your sports experience with Head Ball?

Masomo Gaming is one of the most innovative Android game developer companies, developing incredible Android games for more than ten years. They have created two beautiful game series, Basketball Stars and the Head Ball series. If you have already played the Head Ball 1, then you can simply understand the privileges you’re about to get with Head Ball 2.

Head Ball 2 is the second version of the game, including the new characters, new intentional graphics, and the new ball skins for our lovely enthusiasts. This second version is way more beneficial than the Head Ball 1 in almost all the parameters, even when you would take the number of resources, maps, and everything.

Choose between the amusing gaming modes

The first thing everyone adores and comments in their reviews about the Head Ball 2 is its gaming modes, developed only to shine. No one can bear having the simplistic or only a single gaming mode within their favorite game, and consequently, they need a large number of modes.

The Head Ball 2 delivers three different gaming modes, Time Rush, PvP, and the team game, to satisfy you to eternity. Moreover, you will also get the league tournament gameplay, where you can earn way more coins and purchase all your favorite in-game characters effortlessly.

Try unlocking the rewarding chests to get free characters

Have you played the most renowned battle royale game PUBG Mobile and opened the crates to prevail the beautiful character avatars, emotes, and skins? Likewise, you’ll get tremendous new Avatars or simply the game characters inside the Head Ball 2 game chests.

Basically, you can win more levels to unlock more chests and subsequently unlock more characters. So start hustling within the game and struggle to complete more game levels damn efficiently. Or if you’re a modern stuff finder and hate struggling in games, try the below listed modification Head Ball 2 MOD APK for expandable fun.

Try this new modified version to enjoy the free premium

Have you got annoyed by struggling daily for those coolest character skins inside the Head Ball 2 game and wanna get the premium stuff for free? How can it be wrong? Time to stop wandering on the internet and finding cookies and download Head Ball 2 MOD APK.

Head Ball 2 MOD APK is the modified game inscribed with some additional codes to create the gaming UI more valuable for you. The modification is ready to give you what you can’t enjoy in the official game version without paying money or struggling in the complicated boss levels. Wanna shine in the head ball? So mix the Head Ball 2 MOD APK in your daily gaming grind!

Unlock over 125 unique characters with infinite money

Unlike the old or official Head Ball 2, the modified version won’t make you struggle on the path. Moreover, this game has worked hard to clear all that struggle and offered the new enthusiasm within the interface for making you damn addicted. Thoroughly, the Head Ball 2 MOD APK is delivering you infinite game coins.

Yeah, you can now purchase infinite chests within the game, even if you’re winning or losing those game levels. Gone are the old restricted days when you only won 100 coins from each match, as now you will have infinite coins to purchase whatever you want.

Upgrade all the 18 powers and advance your Head Ball

What would you do with just the characters inside the Head Ball 2 when you don’t have the superpowers? Yeah, you heard that right! Head Ball 2 game contains colossal innovations, one of which is the superpowers. Each character includes a superpower, including all the vital power parameters.

After installing this beast game to your Android phone, you would become competent to defeat any of your contenders. You would contain all the power upgrades at that time, including your shoot, accuracy, defense, goalkeeping, and that unique superpower. So it would be best if you become ready to download Head Ball 2 MOD APK and enjoy all its magical features.


What is Head Ball 2 MOD APK?

Head Ball 2 MOD APK is the revised or modified version of the same official Head Ball 2 Android game. It’s developed only for Android Smartphones, and you can install it on any of them working above Android 5.0. Grab it instantly from the below link and start enjoying it from the very first moment!

Why download Head Ball 2 MOD APK in place of official?

It’s damn complicated for us to count the reasons for downloading the Head Ball 2 MOD APK in place of the official Head Ball 2 game. But shortly, you will have infinite coins with all characters unlocked in this version, where official includes none for free.

Where to get all the characters of Head Ball 2 unlocked?

We all love Head Ball 2 game characters, but it’s hard to struggle and obtain them all. Right now, make that thing easy for yourself using the Head Ball 2 MOD APK. Download it right now and get them all.

Do I have to gain root access for enjoying Head Ball 2 MOD APK?

Gaining root access is damn harmful, as it won’t just affect the crucial files of the device but also sometimes damage the phone system. So we won’t recommend you root your phone, and this app can work in both rooted and non-rooted phones.

Can I install Head Ball 2 MOD APK to my iPhone?

That’s where the problem begins! Head Ball 2 MOD APK was developed by world-class Android developers, which means it can only get installed and work properly on Android phones. So please never try to install it on iOS phones.

Final Words

Someday, we’ll get out of this pandemic and become ready to play our favorite sports games, whether football, cricket, basketball, tennis, or hockey. But till that, you can enjoy the sports at your home on your Android Smartphone using the Head Ball 2 MOD APK. It’s the free modified version of the game with multiple traits.

If you want to enjoy a different kind of sport that you can’t even think of, the Head Ball 2 MOD APK is created only for you and for the enthusiasm placed inside you. As of now, you can’t resist anymore downloading this exclusive head ball game on your phone. So stop waiting now, and initialize your might gaming.

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