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CapCut MOD + APK (v6.5.0) Download 2023 [Premium Unlocked]

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Download latest version of the CapCut MOD APK 2023 with an Unlimited Premium edit option, No Watermarks, Removed Ads, and the best option for video editing on Android & iOS.

No Watermark Unlimited Effects Multiple Layers Premium Unlocked Ads Removed

In this fast-paced skill demanding era, you need to work on new skills. If you are thinking of starting video editing as a hobby or career, it’s a great choice as you can earn a lot of money without any hassle. But at the same time, if you are confused about which software you choose, worry not! We are here to help you in this matter.

If you are a newbie and want proficiency skills in video editing, you will need CapCut APK. With this, you can easily add various features, themes, and filters to your videos. It’s one of the top recommended apps for the beginner, but you have to pay a premium fee to get the subscription.

However, there is no need to worry about anything when you are here. We are well known that you have just kickstarted your journey and are looking for free tools. In that case, you can try out the CapCut MOD APK 2023 in which all of the premium features are unlocked, you can access the library stickers, filters, and text in a pretty hassle-free manner.

What is CapCut APK?

CapCut APK is one of the initial products of Bytedance and one-stop video editing software that provides ample post-production features to add different audio and visual elements to the videos. For this, you have to record the video first, and then, you can use various filters, stickers, emojis, auto-captions, and text without any problem.

Apart from this, it also has the core features of adding different layers of footage with additional trim, cut, copy, and paste options. On the same note, the timeline system allows you to add a diverse range of audiovisual elements. Not only that, you can edit every clip frame according to your desire and liking.

But to unlock all of the exciting features, you have to pay the price. If you don’t want to spend any money, you can download CapCut MOD APK on your Android or iOS device!

What is CapCut MOD APK?

CapCut MOD APK is the modified version of the official application that is emblemed with astounding attributes that usually require the in-app purchase. You can download latest CapCut MOD APK Premium Unlocked 2023 with ease and enjoy those features without any hassle.

If you want to create short videos for social media like Tik-Tok, Youtube Short, and Instagram Reel, this app will assist you in every situation. However, you can’t use the full-fledged features unless you pay money to unlock additional features.

That’s why, we recommend you install the CapCut MOD to attain free access to unlimited filters, tools, and aftereffects. With this, you can effortlessly create a decent short film transition.

There’s no limit to using the premium features; you can simply add different layers of texts, filters, and effects to the video timeline. Here’s the list of features you are getting for free!

  • Better filters for transitions
  • Improved video timeline options
  • Easy to understand user interface
  • Free access to text and emoji library
  • No need to sign up for the account
  • Completely secure to use

Download CapCut MOD APK

App NameCapCut MOD
Size102 MB
Requires5.0 and up
DeveloperBytedance Pte. Ltd.
Last Updated1 day ago


You don’t have to worry about anything once you have downloaded the CapCut MOD APK over your phone. The video editing experience would improve as you sharpen your skill on a daily basis. So, let’s talk about the advanced features that you can apply after downloading this app.

No Watermark

no watermark

Usually, the most annoying part for the video editors is that the app shows its watermark. It may not affect that much when you are a newbie to this field or just editing videos for fun. But if you want to stand out and make the video look more professional, you will need No Watermark features. With CapCut Mod APK, you don’t need to worry about the watermark. Get the latest version to create and deliver professionally edited videos to the whole world. Share your work on the social media platform without any fear!

Unlimited Effects

unlimited effects

The app is not limited by the number of effects, you can choose anything that fits best according to the video requirement. Besides this, you have various options for the New Year, Valentine’s day, Birthday, Sale offers, and many more. But the most attractive point is that you can edit effects too. On top of that, this modded application won’t be a miser in rendering the best effects options without any single penny.

Multiple Layers

multiple layers

Generally, the CapCut APK free variant doesn’t offer the multiple layer options in the video timeline, and due to this, you won’t be able to add various audiovisual effects simultaneously. But with the entry of the CapCut MOD, you can apply different layers of functions in the timeline, whether it’s a simple text or emoji sticker. You can change audio and effects side by side. Moreover, you can hassle-freely trim or add video according to your requirements.

Premium Unlocked

premium unlocked

The premium features include the video resolution that can even go up to 4K, while on the other hand, you can set the frame rate from 24fps to 60fps. All of this can happen with a single click on the top section. Aside from this, you can adjust filter size and format easily. Moreover, you can overlay various clips to create an impressive transition with the different video formats. From the format section, you can create short videos and cinematic videos. You just have to select the format according to the video-sharing platform, and you are ready to go!

Some More Features

The CapCut MOD offers numerous perks to video editors. Apart from the primary features, the app also unlocks tons of other things, which we have pointed down in the following section. So, let’s rundown that section.

  • Edit videos like never before
  • Split the video clips according to the need
  • Speed up the frame rate easily
  • Increase or decrease audio volume
  • Add various animation effects
  • Delete any video clip section in one click
  • Effortlessly remove background style
  • Extract the audio precisely
  • Crop, Rotate, and Mirror the video section
  • Choose anything from a wide range of filters
  • Adjust brightness, contrast, saturation, etc.
  • Enhance the facial beauty
  • Advanced Chroma Key with Intensity & Shadow
  • Different Mask options are available
  • Overlay video in the main track
  • Replace the video file properly
  • Stabilize the video hassle-freely
  • Modify the opacity factor
  • Change the video effects
  • See the video editing graphs
  • Freeze the video clip
  • Extract the sound from videos
  • Select recommended sound file for the app
  • Extract the sound file from the device too
  • Diverse sound options to choose
  • Create the voiceover for the video
  • Various text template options
  • Add custom text in the video
  • Add up caption file precisely
  • A wide range of stickers choice
  • Different Video size formats
  • Unlock canvas colors
  • Unlock various background
  • Unlock blur background effect
  • Remove the effect with the back button

The list can go on and on. But it’s time to move to the next section where we have covered the installation guide!

How to Install CapCut Mod APK on Android?

Now that you have understood the premium features, you are finally ready to Install CapCut MOD APK for your Android and iOS devices without any problem. All you need to do is click on the download button to attain this app.

In the following section, we have covered the simple step-by-step guide to downloading and installing CapCut. No need to worry about anything even if you are downloading the third-party app for the first time.

  1. First and foremost, you have to grab the latest CapCut MOD APK version. For that, click on the download button to redirect to the download page.
  2. Here, wait till the moment when the download link is prepared. Once that happens, simply click on the button to get the app.
  3. Afterward, you have to head toward the download section in the file manager. Here, you will find this mod apk, click on the apk.
  4. If you have enabled the unknown source settings, you will move forward in a seamlessly smooth manner. But if not, allow the unknown source download options from settings.
  5. Once again, go to the download folder and select the app to start the installation process.
  6. In just a few seconds the CapCut apk will be installed over your phone. Now, open the app to enjoy those interesting video editing features.

Note: Before you start the installation process, we recommend deleting the original version of CapCut from your phone because you can’t have both mod and official apps simultaneously!

With this, I hope you get an idea of how to Install CapCut APK on your phone without any problem. Now you can unlock premium features free to cost and start your video editing career without any further ado.


Install CapCut MOD APK

CapCut App Interface

capcut mod bg

CapCut MOD For PC

There’s no denying that you can do video editing faster and more efficiently with a computer. But you have to hone your skill to aptly use the CapCut MOD APK. But sadly, this application is not available for PCs. Therefore, you have to utilize an alternative method to unleash those features even on the computer/laptop. For that, we recommend you to read this guide!

User Reviews



Ashwin Rao

Hi there, I’m from India, and sadly the capcut is banned here! So, I wasn’t able to use all of the features, and whenever I try to use it, the app library says no internet. But thanks to this guide, I understand the problem. Now, I’m using VPN to access all of the free features.



Mariah Foster

This app is very nice for editing videos. But a month ago, I started using Filmora on my laptop, but it doesn’t work out that much, nor does it have some additional features that I want to implement in my videos. Then I found out about the CapCut apk, I downloaded it on my smartphone and used it for a while. Overall, it’s a great experience!



David Lefever

I usually prefer to use kinemaster, but my friend recommends the Capcut application. Though I have used several video editing apps, no ads, unlimited effect, immersive effect, and no watermarks features make this app a deal-breaker. So, it’s now on my top 3 video editing app list!



Shayna S

I appreciate the developer for bringing this video editing application to us. You won’t find anything that can par with the simple features. Though initially, I got an error while downloading this app, everything goes fine as I have enabled the unknown source option! Thank you very much for this app, it saved my day.

People Also Ask (FAQs)

What is CapCut APK?

The CapCut apk is a premium-end video editing software that arrives with feature-pack attributes. It also includes a diverse range of post-production editing filters, features, and functions. With this app, you can add, trim, and reverse videos in a hassle-free manner.

Is it necessary to use VPN to use CapCut?

Usually, you don’t need to install VPN to use the CapCut video editing app over your Android or iOS phone. But if the app is banned from your country, you have to rely on external help and a VPN to utilize all of the exciting features of this video editing apk.

How do I create a CapCut account?

There’s no need to create an account with the CapCut MOD APK, you can easily access the app and create a new project. Once the project is completely extracted, you can import it to share on different social media platforms without any problem.

Can you use CapCut for YouTube?

Yes, you can use CapCut for YouTube and create engaging videos. As a video creator, the video editing tools like CapCut can be considered the attributes a YouTuber needs. Without this, you can’t achieve a new milestone.

Is CapCut for iOS?

Yes, you can download and install CapCut video editing software on iOS phones and tablets. Like the android phone, you have to give special permission to download this app from a third-party site. Afterward, you can enjoy those impressive video editing attributes over your iPhone accurately.

Is CapCut safe?

There’s no issue using the CapCut video editing software over your phone. Like other editing apps, you don’t need to worry about anything regarding security and safety measures. But if privacy factors matter, then you need to be aware that ByteDance will collect your data to show personalized ads. If this is not a major concern for you, download it right away!

Can I edit videos on CapCut offline?

Yes, you don’t need an internet connection or Wi-Fi to edit videos, but you have to save all of the required elements such as filters, effects, stickers, etc., first, you have to download them, you want to use some features offline.

Does CapCut have a Pro version?

No, the CapCut does have the modified version that didn’t require the pro-membership fee to unlock those premium features. With the CapCut MOD APK, you can attain all those traits without paying a single cent!


The CapCut MOD APK Latest 2023 is a great solution for anybody who wants to start video editing. Unlike other video editing apps, you won’t get any complex interface, instead, the app offers a pretty simple and sleek interface.

Apart from this, you will also receive tons of additional features to expand your creative limits and create something new and extraordinary without any difficulty.

So, what are you waiting for! Download the latest version of the Cap cut mod apk for your phone. I hope that you share this app with your friends who are looking for video editing apps. Meanwhile, whenever you arrive here you will get the latest version from the download link, above!

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