YouTube ReVanced v19.10.37 APK 2024 [Premium/No Ads]

File Name
YouTube ReVanced
ReVanced Official
Compatible with
4.2 and up
86 MB
MOD Features
Premium/No Ads
Updated on
Mar 12, 2024

YouTube ReVanced is an unofficial sequel to Vanced that aims to provide new features as well as those already seen in Vanced. It comes with No Advertisements, Background Play, Offline Download, AMOLED Dark Mode, Picture-in-Picture Mode, and Convenient Controlling.

When we went researching on the internet about the streaming apps with the largest hours of content, the biggest library ever existed was YouTube. This streaming platform is actually unlimited and people are still feeding almost tens of thousands of hours of content every day on it, which gives them some more costs for cloud servers. A few years ago, YouTube started selling the YouTube Premium subscription that costs 129.00 INR every month.

The problem isn’t with the subscription, but it’s with the emergence and requirement to have it subscribed every month. Once you try to watch all the content without online advertisement videos, it’s hard to get over it, as nowadays YouTube shows more than two advertisements before starting the video. It also comprises a few ads in between those videos, and when the video is bigger, it’ll contain even more ads than we’ve ever seen.

If you’re also finding it so weird, and you used the YouTube Vanced before but got so tense once it got disabled on the internet, we have a suggestion for you which is the next version ReVanced YouTube. Yeah, the thing got re-modified as a ReVanced version with a few more options but the same ad-free video streaming and all the premium features already enabled for free. It’s not a new thing, but still the best way of streaming YouTube as of now.

YouTube ReVanced APK

What’s YouTube ReVanced APK for?

YouTube Premium is a costly premium subscription, which doesn’t sound great for having a payment plan for every month or year. If it were a one-time subscription plan, people would still be buying it, but paying every month for YouTube while having a few important expenditures like Netflix too is simply impossible these days. We want to bypass these payments, but most of the modified versions of YouTube are unofficial, and they all consist of harm to the account.

If you would like to keep your Google account safe and simultaneously get the premium privileges on YouTube for absolutely free, YouTube ReVanced is an option on the internet. It’s an app which uses the MicroG protocol to get you a Google account signed in with ultimate privacy and anti-ban scripts for entertainment on a safe account. Both the important things are covered within this app with an ad-free streaming and the Premium Branding.

You didn’t get this premium branding recently on the prior version, Vanced YouTube, but it’s added in ReVanced with no Get Premium option on the Account Info page. Moreover, this app also has the Sponsorblock feature, which works frequently to block all the sponsored ads that you watch between videos by the creators. You will see many more exceptional features on this app’s interface, so let’s get acknowledged about most of the significant elements.

Features of YouTube ReVanced APK

Once you’ll open the YouTube Premium page for finding all the features one can avail with it, you’ll see a list of 4 features, including ad-free streaming, offline download, YouTube Premium content, and the background play feature. But the ReVanced YouTube app includes more than 10 different features on the same YouTube UI, and including the already premium features. Let’s know about a few of them in depth.

Background Play

When you’re listening to music on the YouTube platform, it’d be a little weird to watch the videos. It consumes your phone’s data as well as the battery a lot for the screen being on, even while you don’t want it to be going that way. However, the YouTube ReVanced app is here to get you Background Play feature. After enabling this on the app interface, you can stream videos, and they’ll be played even when you lock your phone screen with the ReVanced.

Offline Download

Downloading videos for streaming later offline when we don’t have the internet is what we want, but it’s impossible these days since YouTube initialized this premium program. A few videos can be downloaded, but excluding the videos restricted to download without the Premium. In that case, you can use the currently patched version, which allows you to download for offline playback in any quality ratio from 144p to 1080p.

Likes and Playlists

The best part that we all like about YouTube is its cloud storage where it keeps all our important data such as the videos we liked, stored to watch later, and created playlists. YouTube ReVanced can use the same Google account using the ReVanced MicroG, and then it can provide you with access to the exact data you had on the official YouTube. So you don’t need the official app anymore, as you can get those premium features with your old data here.

Premium Branding

We told you above that the modified version got a little more upgraded right now, as the last ancestor, the Vanced series, doesn’t allow you to have the Premium written on the app’s interface. Actually, the Premium subscription uses the Premium logo on the above major tab in place of YouTube written there. Being an actual premium subscribed application, the YouTube ReVanced provides you with the same Premium branding without costing any bucks.

Easy Gestures

Gestures are the convenience enhancing options available on the privileged android apps, but you’ll feel so proud of this mod once you’ll know that even the Premium part of YouTube doesn’t have the Gesture features. Basically, this YouTube ReVanced app allows you to have two simple gestures where you can use the left side of the screen vertically swiping for modifying the brightness of content, and similarly right side of screens for adjusting the volume like MX Player.

No Advertisements

The most important thing you all were seeking for so long and paying more than 129.00 INR every month for that was the ad-free app interface. Spending our important time in watching advertisements isn’t something we want to do, and that’s why the ad-free interface of YouTube ReVanced would be an external help. Using this app one can bypass all the banner, video, and even the sponsored ads in videos to be banned for uninterrupted YouTube streaming.

Limitations of YouTube ReVanced APK

Among all the features listed in the patches section of YouTube ReVanced, one of them is working a little slower, which can be marked as a limitation of the YouTube ReVanced app. We want the ads to be blocked, but the Sponsorblock feature is the newer option on YouTube using the newer server with having high weight on those servers. It’d take a little time to be upgraded and work properly, but until that you’re required to be patient and enjoy the other features.

Download latest version of YouTube ReVanced APK for Android

The best thing about the YouTube ReVanced app is that you can use it on both rooted and non-rooted android devices, and it’ll provide you with the same features on both the places. We’re listing below one link for the APK file which you can use for the unrooted devices, and comprising that, a Magisk Module will also be listed for the rooted smartphones. Choose the app as per your particular device and get embraced with the free premium features onward.

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